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A Private Use Area Survey

A comparative study of the Privat Use Area as used by fonts and projects in the fields of Indo-European linguistics

The range from E000 to F8FF of the Unicode standard has been increasingly used during the last few years,  namely in scholarly editing and scientific publishing in the field of linguistics. Various projects and initiatives have established their own proprietary schemes of furnishing the ?private? space with useful characters and letterforms.

A new study of linguist?s use of the PUA is presented on this page. The survey deals with the ?Privat? Usage of the Area for Latin/Indo-European and Cyrillic matters in particular. It provides an account of the present status quo which may serve as a reference for work in progress and future development. It deals with those efforts which are settled around the core of the TITUS and MUFI projects.


The Survey consists of three corresponding documents which you can download here.

Download ZIP-file with all three documents.   Attention: size is 5,4MB ! 

… or you may wish to download the files seperately:

SIAS_PUA_survey_in_detail.pdf  (ca. 3MB)

SIAS_PUA_survey_simplified.pdf  (ca. 2,5MB)

SIAS_PUA_survey_text.pdf  (58kB) – Version 0.2 (30 September 2009)

       See the text document for explanations.

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