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Eine der großen Schriften der Welt
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Andron 1 Greek ? high end type for every purpose

Andron 1 Greek  offers an unique combination of most elegantly carved glyphs, classic appeal and comprehensiveness in terms of character coverage. Furthermore, Andron 1 Greek is designed to perfectly harmonize with Andron Latin.

The package contains altogether 2890 glyphs and is fully equipped for polytonic composing in all four cuts (Regular, Italic, Semibold and Semibold italic). Apart from that many sets of special characters have been realised, e.g. archaic letters, alternative glyphs, ligatures as well as (in the Small Capitals font) the ancient acrophonic numerals range U+10140…10174. More delicacies for typographic connoisseurs are the genuin Greek Kai-characters and glyphs for the Omicron-Upsilon-ligature – things hardly to be found in any other font offering. Andron 1 Greek is therefore suitable not only for magazines, stationary or advertising but even for literature and scientific composing.
Default figures are medieval proportional, an alternative set of tabular figures is provided in all five fonts.

Andron 1 Greek


Andron 1 GRE Corpus 

… offers full support for polytonic text composing in all four cuts (sample: beginning of the Odyssey).

Andron 1 Greek Font specimen  

Sample  for download (Pdf, 740kB)

The beginning of the Iliad in Andron
Beginning of the Iliad  – text sample for download (Pdf, 175kB)

Download and view complete Andron-Greek glyph repertoires
Character and glyph repertoire
complete repertoire of Andron 1 GRE Corpus Regular (Pdf, 650kB)
complete repertoire of all 5 fonts: Andron 1 GRE Corpus (Pdf, ca. 1,3MB)

Andron Greek – Special characters
Special characters
Special characters overview (Pdf, 210kB)

    • The fonts contain about 600 glyphs, 470 in the Small Capitals font. Note that the special characters coverage is not entirely matching in all five fonts.

Free special keyboard layout (for Mac) – the perfect tool to make more out of Andron 1 Greek and access these special characters directly:

Free download:    Keyboard layout for Greek

   Font package Andron 1 GRE Corpus  (Regular, Italic, Semibold, Semibd. Ital., Small Cap.s)   

TTF-format for PC and Mac OS X


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