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Eine der großen Schriften der Welt
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Andron Mega – One of the great Unicode-fonts of the world

Andron Mega Corpus is a particular comprehensive font family designed to meet the peculiar requirements of multiscriptual scientific editing. As by October 2013, the Andron Mega 1.4 package contains now altogether about 14.700 glyphs in six seperate fonts: Regular, Italic, Semibold, Semibold italic, Regular small capitals and Italic small capitals. The Regular font is by far the most comprehensive one: it contains about 5.800 glyphs.

Andron Mega Corpus has gained an outstanding reputation by its unique typographic performance in many highly ambitious editorial projects, both in print and online (see Projects using Andron and Andron seen by others). Andron is “one of a kind”, how a commentator on puts it. When classical typographic appearance and unusual character coverage are at stake, it remaines unrivalled down to the present day.

What makes Andron Mega Corpus a distinguished font package is the unique combination of excellent typographic quality with an unrivalled scope of characters and glyphs. The focus lies on linguistic and philological editing. Andron Mega Corpus containes rarities like polytonic Greek in all four styles, complete IPA and Runes ranges besides rarissimæ like UPA in Regular and Italic, Coptic, Old Italic and (Wulfila-)Gothic. All these different scripts are carefully harmonized in order to perform elegantly in mixed composing.

New in version 1.4
The most obvious novelty certainly is the Small Caps Italic font, which enhances the package to 6 fonts now for the very first time. Apart from that Ugaritic, the complete Alchemy block, Dania Phonetics, a special Runic supplement as well as dozens of symbols and pictographs have been added. Last but not least, as in previous upgrades, a thorough schedule of minor additions and improvements have been implemented. – Andron Mega 1.4 is the best Andron ever.

  Ergänzungen und Veränderungen in Version 1.4   (Changes to vs. 1.4, documentation in German, Pdf, 70kB)

Upgrade now to vs. 1.4!
Licencees of Andron Mega are entitled to upgrade to version 1.4 at very modest rates. Those percentages (of the initial price) apply:

  • Andron Mega Corpus vs. 1.3 --> vs. 1.4: 15%
  • Andron Mega Corpus vs. 1.2 --> vs. 1.4: 30%
  • Andron Mega Corpus vs. 1.1 --> vs. 1.4: 40%
  • All older versions                    --> vs. 1.4: 50%

Andron Mega Corpus enables you to typeset about  290 different languages. A comprehensive listing of all languages is to be find on this page

Font specimen –  View some samples of various scripts all typeset in Andron Mega.  –  (see also  A brief history of Andron)

Character charts 
The unusual large amount of characters and glyphs makes it unavoidable that the five fonts of the package cannot be entirely congruent in terms of character coverage. The most comprehensive font is Andron Mega Corpus Regular. Please refer to these pages for a full and updated Unicode-chart-based overview. – Note that these charts are reflecting the version 1.2 state so far.

    Font package Andron Mega Corpus (Regular, Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Reg. Small Cap.s)  

TTF-format suitable for PC and Mac 


We offer Andron Mega Corpus from € 390 (for a single user licence) onwards.
Order and pay now easily online using our PayPal-service!
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  Andron Mega Corpus : Single user licence : € 390
(for installation on 1 CPU)

  Andron Mega Corpus : Work group licence : € 790
(for installation on 2–5 CPUs)

  Andron Mega Corpus : Mercurial licence : € 1180
(for installation on 6–10 CPUs)

  Andron Mega Corpus : Saturnial licence : € 1580
(for installation on 11–20 CPUs)

  Andron Mega Corpus : Jovial licence : € 2480
(for installation on 21–50CPUs)


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  Andron Mega Corpus – Single fonts                                                     

You may also order licences for single Andron Mega Corpus fonts seperately. If you need, for example, just Regular and Italics as a single user, you pay only € 280 instead of € 390 for the entire package.

Andr. Mega Cp.            -Regular       -Italic     -Semibold   -Sbd. Ital.    -Reg. Sm. Caps

Single user licence           € 160          € 120          € 80           € 80              € 60

Work group lic. (2–5)     € 320          € 240         € 160          € 160            € 120

Mercurial lic. (6–10)       € 480          € 360         € 240          € 240           € 180

Saturnial lic. (11–20)       € 640          € 480         € 320          € 320           € 240

Jovial lic. (21–50)            € 960          € 720         € 480          € 480           € 360

more than 50 CPU’s: on request 

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