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Andron fonts are offered on two different levels of complexity: Andron series 1 and 2 – and Andron Mega. What makes the difference is the font’s character coverage. The fonts of the Andron 1 series are typographically identical with Andron Mega and, as far as applicable, of compatible encoding. 

Andron 1
This series offers high quality fonts and packages sorted by scripts. Besides a Latin package (for all languages) there is a comprehensive Greek package and a growing range of fonts for more specific scripts.

The new Andron 2 series introduces a range of fonts with standard character layout yet a rather peculiar glyph moulding. The choices for special shapes of certain letters follow a scheme by which each font renders a particular historic, regional or otherwise special aspect of typography.

Andron Mega
Andron-Mega is mainly intended for scholarly editing requirements, when rather special additional character ranges are needed. Here you’ll find things like phonetic characters, polytonic Greek, Runes or medieval abbreviations – all integrated into one font respectively. Andron Mega sets up a class of its own in the field of multilingual and multiscriptual typography. For instance, Andron Mega is unrivalled in containing e.g. both IPA and UPA ranges in either Regular and Italics, Greek polytonic is – most rarely – provided in no less than all four standard fonts. Above that there’s an absolute unique plenty of old currency and weight measurements characters and, last but not least, in Andron Mega Regular, the whole special character repertoire as defined in the MUFI recommendation.


Products overview         Andron Mega         Andron 1          Andron 2 


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